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Hello. I am Lara - The Internet Avatar for Empowering Introverts. 

Are you someone looking for empowering change in your life? Do you feel introverted & lack confident about yourself? Are you shy, afraid or anxious about being awkwardly weird when you communicate with others? Are you undecided about where your life is going and what is your life path or your soul's mission or the purpose of your life? 

Well then, Welcome to your Solutions! 

This website is built to share a journey of an introverted little young girl towards becoming an empowered and confident women. It shares the knowledge & wisdom learned through my journey of making each area of my life as manageable, successful and fulfilling as I can. 

It's my aim to help you discover and master the fulfillment of experiencing the true love and light in every area of your life where you feel you want to develop yourself.

I'll be honest. I'm not into this just for you. Anybody who's thought anything knows that the teacher learns at least as much as the students in every class. Giving self-development advice and helping people especially the ones who are in need for it, introverts who rarely come up and ask for help to build their areas of life and empower their will-power and courage towards achieving fulfillment in the major areas of life helps me reach the next steps in my own growth; journey of discovering myself and mastering my mind, body & soul.

So, on this website I openly share with you what's worked for me, being an introvert myself (and what hasn't worked) to make me content and successful in my own life, providing you with the best curated concepts, principles, and strategies for discovering your true self and unleashing the 'super-human' potential in you. 

Whether you decide to stay in touch or not below this page I share with you the 3 steps to start a journey of discovering your true life purpose to change you life beginning from today.

With that said, wishing you and your entire existence all the love and light deserved.  
STEP 1: Commit to Change 
Here at www.illiyyinfaizah.com we are about knowledge, wisdom, tips, tricks, tactics, ideas, concepts & easy to follow methods for a fulfilling and an empowering lifestyle. 

Our aim of empowering lifestyles here at illiyyinfaizah.com, is made possible through teaching people on acquiring the complete knowledge and skills needed to master every area of life; emotions, love life, health, relationships, mindset, money, fitness, contribution, spiritual growth, family, friends — every part of ones life. (Based on the concept of divide and rule; breaking up the large concentrations of our powerful life into manageable sections)  

Message: You cannot have yourself consumed into focusing on only one area of life and neglect the other areas because it leads to a one-dimensional life that is out of balance and lack in fulfillment. Only by consistently paying attention to the indications and signs and striving towards fulfillment and excellence in ALL areas of your life can you reclaim the light of the love and joy back into your newfound extraordinary life that is beyond your wildest imagination.  
Step 2: Start an Online Business to Create Financial Freedom.
Why start an online business ? 

An online business earns you income no matter where you are or when you work on it. Eventually, this means complete financial power that comes along with the freedom & authority to act, think and speak as you want when you need to. But, even in a short period it can give you more control of your financial life and give you space to trial and error and move about a bit and in the process of understand what suits you the best in having a life you truly want. 

Online business models exist for every person and every passion as long as you are in alignment with your goals and mission. In fact the opportunities are so vast that the real challenge is picking the one that you can stay enthusiastic and eager to add value for your customers and clients and working on it with focus. 
STEP 3: Create Habits & Routines (Early Morning)
Create an empowering morning routine because being your ultimate best all day requires starting your day as well planned and empowering as possible.

Feed your Body, Mind & Spirit with all it takes for you to be prepared for a brand new empowering day that your future self will thank you for. 

Radically transform every day of your life with these results-oriented-action-specified activities in a month followed by a year and then life-long bringing upon a holistic and constant growth of yourself towards the best version of yourself and serving your life's true purpose/mission/soul-mission. 
Pack-up the past in a Bag...
Blow Distractions Away !
Everyday is a Brand New Day with New Opportunities !
Passionately Spreading Love & Light Throughout The Universe & Across Light-years.
Yours Sincerely, Illiyyin Faizah 😃
Feel Good, Be Good, And Do Good.
~ Love & Light ~
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